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Published papers



1. Do Implicit Barriers Matter for Globalization? .

Review of Financial Studies, 26 (7), 1694-1739.

Co-authors: Francesca Carrieri and Vihang Errunza

Winner of Best Paper Award at NFA meetings 2009 (Toronto CFA Societies' Capital Market Research Best Paper Award);

Media coverage: Le Temps


2. Do Emerging Markets Provide Currency Diversification Benefits?

International Journal of Banking, Accounting and Finance 5(1/2), 102-120

Co-authors: Vihang Errunza and Basma Majerbi.



3. The unconditional and conditional exchange rate exposure of U.S. firms,

Journal of International Money and Finance 32, 781-808

Co-author: Stefano Mazzotta.



4. International Asset Pricing Under Segmentation and PPP Deviations

Journal of Financial Economics 86 (2), 543-578

Co-author:Vihang Errunza.